It's an awesome feeling to open your door and realize that your home is sparkling clean. There are a lot of reliable cleaning services that could turn your house upside down and make it at it’s cleanest state. It will leave you with a peaceful mind. Clean kitchen, well-scrubbed floors and organized things in your house. Some suppliers also provide you or offer you even the smallest services that even you can’t think of. Other professionals also do specialized cleaning services to match your needs and the state of your home, they often do free estimates. In this blog, you will figure out the typical cost in hiring a house cleaning professional in Chicago.

Outsourcing those tedious house chores doesn’t simply take stress off your plate— it may additionally, considerably improve your quality of life. By doing things like hiring housekeepers to wash your home — may lead you to be happier by permitting you to pay longer attention on stuff that matters like work and family.

How much do you expect a cleaning service is worth in Chicago?

The average national hourly rate in the United States for house cleaning services is $25 to $90 per individual, or $50 to $90 per hour. The size and cleaning state of your house will greatly impact the price of these cleaning services.

In Chicago the the standard rate for a one bedroom and one bathroom apartment is around $119 flat fee. It’s a different rate for a typical house with a minimum square footage of 1750, then the fee is starting at $179 on average.

There are various chores you can have a professional cleaner do around your home. To ensure a great deal, you should consider to get quotes from several companies, as others might offer package deals or special rates and discounts depending on the season and other factors.

For your reference, here are average cost for common services by home size and type from house cleaning companies in Chicago:

  • One Bedroom, One Bathroom Apartment - $119

  • Two Bedroom, Two Bathroom Apartment - $149

  • Three Bedroom, Three Bathroom Apartment - $159

  • 1750 Square Foot Home - $179

  • 2000 Square Foot Home - $209

  • 2250 Square Foot Home - $239

  • 2500 Square Foot Home - $269

  • 2750 Square Foot Home - $299

  • 3000 Square Foot Home - $329

  • 3250 Square Foot Home - $359

  • 3500 Square Foot Home - $389

  • 3750 Square Foot Home - $429

  • Commercial Cleaning is $60 per hour

Recurring Services

If you hire a professional service or individual to clean your house on by square footage, then you're looking at different price range depending on a few factors. One, will you be hiring one person or a service? Two, how often do you hire them in a month to clean your house? Once a week? Every other week? Once a month? While you can calculate an average and standard flat rate, it's good know what you might be paying on a weekly or monthly basis, just in case. Some companies do offer discounts for recurring or so-called returning clients in their succeeding cleaning bookings.

What to Expect on the Pricing?

With professional house cleaning provider, you should get several detailed cleaning quotes. The average price to hire a cleaning service for your home is between $100 and $130. Rates do vary depending on the size of your home and what services you want to be cleaned. Frequency of service is also a factor; many service providers offer lower rates for weekly cleanings compared to monthly or bimonthly ones. Additional charges often apply for extra cleaning like:

  • Windows and Frames

  • Fireplaces

  • Inside the Cabinets

  • Ovens

  • Refrigerator and freezer

  • High shelves or ceilings

If your home is outside the cleaning service company’s regular service area, they may also charge a fee for travel. Provide them with your needs and service you want to have for your house and they’ll send you an estimate for the total cost you will be spending for the service.

How do you Save some Bucks on Home Cleaning Services?

Here are some steps for you to save money when hiring a cleaning service:

Have a Budget and stay with it

Choose a service provider that has all the services you need with the right price range for your budget. Don't get the cheapest service you can find in the web, nor the most expensive one in the roster. Check their website and reviews online and talk to their customer service as well. You’ll sure find the right one for you.

Do Small Cleaning Tasks by Yourself

If you hire a cleaning service that comes to you weekly, you can do manageable chores around the house to cut down on cleaning time. Do little tasks like quickly dusting off open surfaces or washing the dishes. The more small jobs you do everyday, the less the cleaners have to do every week or month.

Choose the Areas that they Clean

Specify the areas you want your cleaning service cleaners to clean, and you could also manage them while they’re at your house. If you’re out, you can put up a checklist in your fridge so that they would know where the problem areas are.

Provide you own Supplies

You should always have cleaning supplies available for your service supplier’s disposal. You can just buy it ahead of time, since some companies charge extra fees for cleaning supplies. You could also make use of it while you haven’t or cannot book the service. It’s good to have one handy.