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When was the last time your home was cleaned? Have you been so busy with your daily routine that cleaning has not been part of your priorities? Well, we are here to help you bring back that neat home you've always wanted. Deep Cleaning Services Palatine will bring back the gleam of your kitchen floors and bathrooms. Have that fresh looking home again. Deep cleaning entails heavy duty scrubbing of your bathrooms and kitchen floors. This is our more detailed clean that will surely make your home sparkle again. This is perfect for homes which has have not been cleaned for quite some time or homes that needs more time to clean and more cleaning products to use. Book our services now!

A deep cleaning service is also a good idea if you’re moving in or moving out, having a special occasion or preparing for upcoming holidays . Hire a pro to handle this tedious work, you would only need to lift a finger to reach us, not to do it yourself! Call (224) 214-0145 now!


Standard Cleaning Service

A standard clean is a more affordable however less thorough than a deep clean. It includes the basic mopping or using Swiffer on the floors, dusting on all exterior surfaces within reach, basic cleaning of common living spaces, making beds, changing linens if requested, cleaning of the bathrooms and toilets. We usually suggest this to homes which are already well-kept but due to some reasons they cannot clean for the day or they have visitors coming the next day and would like to ensure that their home is ready to entertain guests. This is also the service we offer to our recurring clients, unless they would like to add an extra task on their service order.

Deep Cleaning Service

A deep clean is the more detailed and extensive cleaning. It includes the heavy-duty scrubbing of the floors in the kitchen and bathrooms. It takes more time and cleaning solutions and that also makes it more expensive than the standard clean. It will leave your home spotless clean. Our professional cleaners would also try to remove heavy grease on stove-tops and kitchen floors and conduct a heavy scrub on bathroom tiles and toilets. We suggest this clean to a home that has not been cleaned for a long time or if you are moving in or moving out.

Book a Commercial Cleaning Service

STEP 1: BOOK YOUR deep cleaning service

Booking a service has never been this easy. With numerous ways to reserve, we are available through chat, call, text, email and even book online, name it, Sparkly Maid has it. Schedule a deep cleaning service in no time! Just let us know the service location, time and date you wish to have the service and we will surely assist you with a service quote and secure a booking that works to your convenience!


A professional cleaner shows up and cleans your home or business according to your special requests and cleaning needs. Our deep cleaning service will guarantee a fresh home and that is nice to come home to. Get a detailed clean for your home! You don’t need to be afraid of hosting parties or entertaining guests. Plan events at your home and feel amazing!

Deep Cleaning Palatine

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Clean heavily soiled and dirty home the easy way! It will absolutely be stress-free. We handle the tough part while you wait. Enjoy your spotless home. Our maids deliver the best clean for all our projects! You might want to book future and scheduled cleanings afterwards. Call (224) 214-0145 for more information.

Other Services We Offer

Other Services We Offer

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Standard Cleaning Service

A clean home, is a happy home as they say. Whether you are living with your family or living on your own, wouldn't it be so nice to come home to a well-kept home where you feel comfortable eating in a clean kitchen, sleeping in a cozy bedroom, invigorate yourself to a pleasant bath. Apartment Cleaning Services Palatine offers standard cleaning service which is perfect for maintaining the neatness of your home. Our standard cleaning includes the tidying and mopping of the floors, dusting of all exterior surfaces like counter tops, cleaning of the common living spaces, bathrooms and bedrooms. Apartment Cleaning Services Palatine suggests this type of service for residential homes that are cleaned periodically and need maintenance touch ups. Book our services now!

Move In and Move Out Clean

Moving in or moving out could be both exciting, tiring and stressful at the same time. You've got everything set for your move, the papers, keys but what about the house that you are leaving? Or the apartment you are moving in to? Are you sure it's clean and tidy? We can have it all ready for you! Our hired professionals will definitely ensure an immaculate cleaning job, making sure that they reach industry standards because we understand that a thorough clean is needed especially when security deposits are at stake when moving out and a cozy environment will welcome you when you move in. We cater to this type of cleaning projects for apartments and we are flexible with our service to suit to your needs. Book our services now!

Heavy Duty Cleaning Service

Just moved in and you feel like your apartment needs a heavy scrub and dusting? Dust everywhere, heavy grease on your kitchen, molds on bathroom, just had your apartment renovated, or you just simply just want to bring out the clean freak that you are, then this is the perfect cleaning service for you! Our hired professionals will ultimately do their best in making your apartment immaculately clean and spotless. Book our services now!


We deal with post construction cleaning projects. Our maids are well equipped with the right tools and equipment in order to complete the cleaning task in no time. Our post construction clean includes heavy duty dusting and scrubbing, making any home or business ready to use again. Post construction projects are normally very tough and difficult to clean but we make it seem easy. Our extensive training and online rating systems for our cleaners, ensures that the quality of workers we have is of high caliber and will definitely make every cleaning task satisfactory. Book our services now!

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your home needs a regular cleaning, here is why!

A regular cleaning is suggested after a deep clean! Schedule a recurring service now, click here!



With Sparkly Maid, aside from the discount on your regular cleaning appointment, we also have forecasted dates from the frequency of service you selected, whether it's weekly, bi-weekly, every three weeks or monthly, we have it all set for you. Have a worry-free house cleaning schedule. This forecasted dates will of course be flexible according to your convenience. Your availability is our topmost priority and we will be there when you need us!


Your home is a reflection of who you are. Having just a beautiful house is not enough, having a clean one matters more.

Don't you like to impress your friends, family or visitors when they come by? Having a clean home promotes mental and physical health as well. It's our pride to make our clients home look at it's best and with a personal touch.


Yes, life is busy. You would probably wish to do recreational and relaxation activities instead of cleaning. We bet you would like to spend quality time with your kids during your time off, go on a date, eat out, go to the gym or spa, or simply have a relaxing stay at home to rest and sleep and be prepared for another busy week. Why do it yourself, when you can use a professional team to cater to your home cleaning needs. Manage your bookings online or simply call the hotline and our friendly customer service staff is happy to assist.


Have a hassle free appointment scheduling through your online Sparkly Maid account. You can modify the dates and time of your appointment, check availability, reschedule, change service types, place an additional service according to your needs or add on notes on what our cleaners need to focus on or special instructions for your every booking. You can save your time on making a call and focus on your work or leisure time with out any troubles.


Keep in mind that no pests or insects would like to inhibit in a clean home. And we know what pests and insects could bring to our health, right? Keeping your home clean lessens the risk of health problems for you and your family members. A scheduled cleaning is highly suggested since it’s always best to prevent these kind of circumstances. Don’t put your health at risk, maintain a clean home now!


Not only do you get a clean home each time, you also save up to 20% on your chosen type of service. Our cleaners get familiar with your home better and it makes it easier for them to go around do their task. You will surely get to enjoy a clean home like you’ve always wanted!

Cleaning Services Palatine

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Deep Cleaning Bathroom


  • Heavy scrubbing of tile walls

  • Sink is heavily scrubbed

  • Faucets

  • Degrease kitchen floors

  • Clean and degrease stove top

  • Cleaning the interior and exterior or microwave

  • Countertops cleaned

  • Drip pans cleaned

  • Kitchen mildew are heavily scrubbed

  • Kitchen towels and rags are replaced if requested


  • Shower and Shower Walls

  • Tile Walls (we exert effort in cleaning grout)

  • All exterior surfaces are cleaned and disinfected

  • General dusting of all surfaces within reach

  • Vanity area and sink

  • Cobwebs removed

  • Floors washed and disinfected, carpets and rugs vacuumed

  • Towels and rags are replaced if requested

  • Mirrors and fixtures

  • Bathroom mildew are heavily scrubbed

Deep Cleaning Kitchen

our general cleaning checklist


Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

  • Scrub and Disinfect Sinks

  • Scrub and Disinfect Toilets and Bathtubs

  • Clean Shower Areas

  • Clean Mirrors

  • Clean Bathroom Floors

  • Clean Exteriors of Cabinets and Drawer

  • Empty Trash Cans

  • Cleaning and Scrubbing of the Sink

  • Load Dishes to the Dishwasher

  • Cleaning of Stove-top

  • Clean Kitchen Floors

  • Wipe Down Exteriors of Cabinets and Drawers

  • Wipe Down Exterior of Dishwasher, Fridge and Oven

  • Empty Trash Bins

  • Clean Interior and Exterior of Microwave






  • Tidy Up Bedroom

  • Make Bed

  • Change Linens (If requested)

  • Clean Accessible Surfaces

  • Take Out Trash

  • Clean Table Tops

  • Vacuum Floors, Carpets and Rugs

Let us know your home cleaning needs and we will provide you with a perfect quote that fits your requests and budget. Don’t hesitate to call us at (224) 214-0145 or email us at for a free quote.


deep cleaning services palatine

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