Sparkly Maid

is a Trusted Home Cleaning Service
in Chicago and it’s nearby suburbs.

Sparkly Maid has professional cleaners, convenient and flexible services, and always guarantees a Sparkly Clean home after providing the service.

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Sparkly Maid is not just an ordinary cleaning service provider.

Your experience and convenience matters to us.

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The benefits of hiring Sparkly maid

Top Quality Home Cleaning Service


Your experience is one of our great achievement, especially when we were able to exceed your home cleaning expectations. That is why we make sure that our cleaners are well and highly-skilled for you to obtain the highest standard of home cleaning.


We, Sparkly Maid, is knowledgeably aware of how fast and bustling everyone's schedule is. Having a different mode to communicate helps make things easier. We have noticed that having all medium available makes scheduling a service become trouble-free and favorable to your needs and will fit into your timetable within the day.

Straightforward scheduling service and notifies you via SMS, Email, or contact you through a phone call on your preferred time.


The Benefits of House Cleaning

House Cleaning is making your home look better by taking away trash, eliminate dust build-up, and put away any possibilities of further health problems.


Clutter is one of the most common matter or thing that is difficult to steer clear. It can be because of lack of storage space, time to put them away, or it's just too many. Organizing your stuff increases the floor area or makes your home looks spacious. A well-organized home makes your guest feel welcomed, reduces stress, fatigue, and irritability.

Health. Every home's priority is its home members to be safe and be healthy, away from any illness or diseases. Frequent sneezing, coughing or having watery eyes, can be caused by the existence of dust allergens. There are areas of your home that we infrequently clean or hard to reach areas that can harbor dust allergens, dust mites, or worst molds. A rapid increase of dust in your home can affect everyone's health. Also, a clean home decreases the chance of transferring bacteria or any communicable diseases.

Time. Cleaning products are a compound element that is used to remove dirt, odor, stains, and spread of contaminants. Using the right home Cleaning Products can cut off the cleaning time. It will give you enough time to accomplish your other responsibilities, be with friends, or have a relaxing time alone.



Standard House Cleaning

Standard House Cleaning is our flat-rate service.
The services includes the following:


Vacuuming of the carpets & rugs
Wash and Disinfects the kitchen and bathroom sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and countertops.
Clean shower areas, bathroom floors, exterior cabinets, drawers.
Clean the top of the stove, exterior cabinets, drawers, dishwasher, fridge, and oven.

Load dishes to the dishwasher
Clean the interior and exterior of your microwave
Clean accessible surfaces such as tabletops.
Change bed linens
(if requested)
Bedmaking: Arranging your beddings to prepare it for use.
Vacuum carpets and rugs
Emptying Trash Bins
Taking out trash.

Deep Cleaning Services


Sparkly Maid have two types of Deep Cleaning Service,
the Deep Cleaning and Super Deep Cleaning.

Deep Cleaning is the thorough scrubbing of your kitchen and bathroom area. This service is to eliminate the accumulation of bacteria and remove visible stains to maintain the freshness of the rooms.

While the Super Deep Cleaning is a service where we thoroughly clean your home. The service is advisable for homes that have pets, first time to book a cleaning service, or for homes that were not visited by a cleaner for a long time and needs additional attention.

OTher Cleaning Services


Sparkly Maid provides other services
to supply all your cleaning needs.
We have cleaning packages that suits the cleaning necessities and additional cleaning services that you can select or add to the Standard Service.


Move-In Cleaning
Move-Out Cleaning
Post-Construction Cleaning/
Post-Renovation Cleaning

Recurring Services
End-Of-Lease Clean Up
Rental Clean Up


Carpet Cleaning
Inside the Oven
Inside the Fridge & Freezer
Inside the Cabinets & Drawers
Inside the Washer & Dryer
Window Washing (Exterior)
Inside the Closet

Garage Cleaning
Pressure Washing
Basement Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning



5-Star House Cleaning Services

In Chicago and it’s nearby neighborhood.