Have you recently hired a painting crew to do paint jobs for your interior walls, ceilings and cabinetry? While all these painters do an awesome job in their work, they do leave a ton of mess afterwards and you can’t do anything about it. The process of painting is crucial but the after math is the worst part! You have to bring back your beautiful newly painted home to it’s sparkly clean state after the messy job. You may notice that there are a lot of tape trails and blotted paper mats that the painters left for you to deal with, since it’s not in their job description to put everything back to normal, you need to hire another service provider to do the cleaning for you and they will do it professional leaving your home as pristine as possible.

Post-painting cleaning service is the type of service hat many homeowners or clients tend to look over and fail to plan ahead. With that said, they mostly have to do the cleaning themselves since they haven’t scheduled any arrangements for cleaning prior. If a painting job is done for your current house or apartment you live in, there should always be proper planning so that the cleaner would come immediately after the painting work is done and start clearing up the place from mess. Having this in mind, it minimizes any delay and down time of you being out of the house. You could already come back to your home in no time, and it’s already clean too. You should also tell your painter to clean up their materials before leaving.

A professional and experienced painting company will be able to give you an estimate on to when they will be able to finish the painting job. It usually take 1 to 3 days to do a painting service depending on the size and the area where you want done. So plan ahead and you’ll have a smooth transition.

But the question is, what services will you be booking after a painting job? Here are the best cleaning services you could schedule for your home:

Thorough Cleaning: Windows and Fixtures

After a painting jobs, then might be some little splatters and dust which still penetrated your windows and fixtures so when removing masking tapes from the edges of windows and carpet edges, the cleaners should always make sure the paint is dry first and foremost. They should peel the tape off gently - and ask them to never rip it off too quickly to avoid tampering your fixtures. Any paint on windowpanes could be scraped off with a handy bladed scraper, but it has to be done meticulously. The glass panels can then be washed and polished with a damp cloth. Professionals have recommend to wait until two weeks before having the interior or exterior windows professionally cleaned, when trims are painted. This is the time allowance for the paint to completely dry and seep in to the base.

Any other spots of paint on fixed fittings can usually be wiped away with a damp cloth. There will for sure be some stubborn spots, it will come off by scraping it very gently with a blunt knife, always avoid to scratch any delicate surfaces.

Carpet Cleaning

Large living room carpets that are too heavy to set aside are often the victims of paint splatters and drips, even with the cover ups. So carpet cleaning specialized services are really need for your post-painting clean up scheduling. These professionals have the technology to get rid of the paint stains and deeply clean your carper making it look brand new. Carpets are mostly expensive and are made with delicate materials, so extra services and care should be thought of when hiring the carpet cleaning company.

Using their latest cleaning techniques they will be able to bring your carpet back as if it was in its original state, this will also eliminate odors from the paint and others caused by build up. They also have the ability to kill molds and mildew and certain allergens that could circulate your homes.

Deep Cleaning

An upgrade to the standard cleaning, when you’re done have those specialized cleaning services, you should also book for a home deep clean to finish off the cleaning stage after the pain job. A deep clean focuses on your thoroughly cleaning up your kitchen floors and counters, as well as your bathroom. I't’s a great way to have everything in order before you move back in. Once they tidy and organize place up, you could come back living like nothing happened, it just got better. You have new paint, fresher home and cleaned up carpets. What could you ask for? It’s really very convenient to hire cleaning companies during these times. You need to book them ahead and plan this out carefully.