Ladies and Gents, we are here to talk about the common confusion of all time, Maid Services versus Cleaning Service, we are going to know the difference between them if there is any and we are going to check the benefits for both. First, what is Maid Services and what do they offer or do? Do they get paid for being a maid? How long can they be Maid? Is there any age limit for Maid Services? And lastly where do I hire them, or where do they come from? As for Cleaning Service, we will also discuss the same question listed above so we can try and compare both, which of which is much better, is it the Maid Service or the Cleaning Service. Of course, in order for us to answer this following queries, we will do thorough research for both topics to ensure that the details are all accurate.

What is Maid Services?

Well first based on our research both Maid Service and Cleaning Service are terms used on a modern day stating a specialized outside service, giving out a specific service to certain individuals, fraternal clubs, businesses, and some associations and of course, with private residential premises.

In the other hand, Maids are also called Housemaid or sometimes maidservant, normally they are female domestic workers. However, nowadays they are usually found in the most wealthy of households or rich people, in the early Victorian era domestic service is the second largest category of employment in Wales and in England, then after is agricultural work.

The Maid Services has a possible difference than the general thought on the history of service performed by the maids because this service can also be given out by either male or female individuals. Once they are part of a structural hierarchy in either an affluent home or profitable businesses, nowadays a maid is possibly the only domestic worker that is in the upper and even the middle-income households because they are the only one who can afford their services. Maids usually do chores like ironing, cooking, cleaning, washing, even grocery shopping and walking the family dogs and importantly looking after the household children. Other Maid Services offers payment on an hourly basis, sometimes daily, weekly, bi-weekly and even on a monthly work, depending on how long they stayed on the household and what is the payment plan of agreement between the employee and the employer.

  • The reason why they use Maid Services.

Using Maid Services is requested due to some possible reasons and cases or mostly some personal factors such as the location of the household, the social standing of the family, possibly lack of experience or if they lack on personal time. There are so many reasons why family consider hiring a Maid Services at home,

especially on the cleaning part, or one good example is the family just wish to enjoy more time with them rather than cleaning or doing chores.

This kind of service may be more expensive than the usual part-time maid, however, this service offers more advantages. Most of the time the service will provide not only someone to process the cleaning but to also gather the necessary cleaning tools or kits. In addition, as a bona fide employer, this kind of service is also responsible for any withholding Social Security and other income taxes. Lastly, the service is also insured and mostly bonded in a contract which means it can be held accountable if something went missing or stolen or even damaged.

We just like to add in this that since we mentioned that one of the tasks of a Maid Services is taking good care of the children of the household, please take note that there is a specific job for this which they normally called a “Nanny”. The Nanny is the person who gives out child care. This child care is given within the children on the family she is hired into. Throughout history, the Nannies were usually servants in huge households and reported to the lady of the house. Nowadays, modern nannies, like other domestic workers, can love in or out of the house, which means the Nanny can either go home or a stay in, depending on the negotiation between the Nanny and the employer. Today there are so many employment agencies that specialize in childcare or on being a Nanny. Now the big question for this do we go for Maid Services or the Nanny, the answer is your kids are not that babies anymore, Maid Services is recommended because the maid service is all around which means you as an employer will have so many benefits, aside from hiring a Nanny because they will only focus taking good care of the children in addition, Nanny would not do the cleaning part as they are only specialized on child care.

What is Cleaning Services?

First, cleaning is the method of eliminating unwanted substances, like infectious agents, such as dirt and other impurities from a material or to our cases our house or home. Cleaning uses so many methods or different cleaning context. There are several occupations and companies that are devoted to cleaning.

  • Cleaning Context

Cleaning is being processed in various such as commercial, environmental, domestic contexts and industrial cleaning, they are all different to each other which depending on the requirements of each company or employer.

    • Commercial Cleaning - companies that are contracted to require a cleaning service on some variety of the premises.

    • Terminal Cleaning - is the process of cleaning that terminates the spread of infectious disease, this kind of cleaning usually can be found on healthcare premises.

    • House Keeping - this role is presented normally in the private home, the job is to do household things such us cleaning the whole house. This can be done by one of the members of the family or they could hire someone professional to do the cleaning service (this is where we, Sparkly Maid comes in)


The cleaner is the one who processes the cleaning services, this is a type of domestic work or industrial work they are the one who cleans the premises for payment. Usually, they are rented on an hourly basis or on a daily basis depending on how big the cleaning project is.

  • Apartment/House Cleaner - this type of cleaner can be found easily, there are some company such us Sparkly Maid, who is devoted to cleaning houses and apartment. This kind of cleaner will make sure that your home or apartment will be cleaned from top to bottom.

      • Mostly Used Cleaning Equipment

        • Cleaning Agents

        • Floor Polisher

        • Garbage Bag

        • Broom

        • Dustpan

        • Mop

        • Mop Bucket Cart

        • Vacuum

        • Towels

Maid Service vs Cleaning Service

As we actually know the story behind both and we have answered the following questions. Now we will help you decide which is the best of the two services, is it the Maid Services or the Cleaning Service. Now since we are in the cleaning industry let us now face the fact that Cleaning Service is much for efficient and cost-effective, why? If you are going to think about it you only need a cleaning service once a week or twice a month to clean your home professionally, yes your Maid Service is only at home every day, however, they cannot focus on just cleaning your home as they have several tasks to do at your house, such as laundry, cooking, ironing, and some chores and sometimes taking good care of the children. Let us look at the costing, as mentioned you only need professional cleaning once a week or twice a month (this will be depending on the status of your home/apartment) for cleaning service especially with Sparkly Maid, we based our cost on how small or big your house or apartment is, and we normally finish the task not less than a day, actually a few hours will do, but as mentioned our cleaner will make sure that your home is clean as new. If you are going to compare the costing for a cleaning service to a Maid Service, more like it will cost you more obviously because aside from the cleaning for you they are doing a pretty good job on doing some of the chores at home, and possibly the rates are based on an hourly basis depending on the agreement of the employee and the employer. The bottom line here since the only people who can afford a Maid Service is the middle to an upper-class family, the most suitable for a normal family up to a middle-class family is Cleaning Service, but take note some rich people still call Cleaning Service Company such as Sparkly Maid, due to the fact that we are trained professionals and our professional cleaners are only dedicated to cleaning your home and making it new again. We made our promise that we will make sure that you are beyond satisfied with the service that you will receive from Sparkly Maid.