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Your establishment is the face of your company. To retain your business at its finest, Commercial Cleaning Services Palatine provides commercial cleaning services of the highest quality performed by our maids who understand your business’ cleaning needs and wants. First impression lasts and it is passed on by word of mouth. Imagine a client walking through your dirty floors full of spills, paper shreds or food crumbs, isn’t it disgusting to see and this impression will be carried out to this client’s meetings, projects and even on personal conversations and we are pretty sure you would not like a bad reputation for your business. People would most likely deal with businesses who maintain cleanliness because they can sense the level of organization and responsibility from the business owner and from the managers of the business. How many times have you seen a retail store or any commercial establishment and feel like you wanted to buy or enter the shop because it looks so classy, it has clean windows, nice interiors and warm people. We can cater to your commercial cleaning needs!

Commercial Cleaning Services Palatine has an extensive experience when it comes to cleaning the following establishments:

  • Apartment Building Public Areas

  • General Offices

  • Doctor’s and Dentist’s Office and Clinics

  • Pharmacies

  • Space Rentals

  • Condo and Apartment Showrooms

  • Retail Stores

  • Banks

  • Schools

  • Shopping Centers

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Booking a service has never been this easy. With numerous ways to reserve, we are available through chat, call, text, email and even book online, name it, Sparkly Maid has it. Schedule a commercial cleaning service in no time! Just let us know the service location, time and date you wish to have the service and we will surely assist you with a service quote and secure a booking that works to your convenience!

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A professional cleaner shows up and cleans your establishment according to your instructions and cleaning needs. Our highly experienced cleaners are truly knowledgeable and well trained, you are sure to work in a healthy commercial establishment or invite more clients to patronize your services!

Enjoy a Clean Commercial Space



A clean office or store is a happy and healthy one. Let your employees and clients enjoy a relaxing vibe. You will not be afraid to entertain your clients anymore. Enjoy all the benefits of a neat environment. Let us cater to your cleaning needs.



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✓ 100% Commercial Cleaning Guaranteed

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Boutique Cleaning in Palatine

Will book again!

I always find my boutique’s floors too dirty. My staff would always tell me they cannot handle the dirt anymore and it would need a professional clean. Luckily, I found this commercial cleaning service that serves Palatine and I booked online. It was an awesome experience! The cleaner was punctual, courteous and well-experienced. My business went from drag to fab and my regular clients loved it too! My display was also stunning from the outside since my windows were also taken cared of! It’s such an amazing experience and will definitely book again or consider having it done on a scheduled basis for my shop!

- Anne, Boutique Owner, Palatine

Commercial Cleaning Palatine Testimonial

Looking good as new…

I booked a service to have my kitchen showroom cleaned. Me and my wife used to clean it our self every month but finally decided to entrust in to someone else since I became really busy since my wife gave birth too. It was indeed a professional clean and my showroom has never looked that good! Thank you Maria!

- Marko, Real Estate Agent, Palatine

Commercial Cleaning Office

Employees are happier!

I was tasked to look for a commercial cleaning company to clean our office. I am happy with my choice and my office mates were also happy about how clean the office got, it made us feel comfortable working in a clean work environment. Many thanks!

Eloisa, Company Secretary, Palatine



why should you book a commercial cleaning service?


Save Your Time

Instead of having to do the cleaning on your own, hiring a professional cleaner not only makes the cleaning time shorter but also they can perform the cleaning task better since they are already well experienced and they know what to do. It will let you spend more time on other office tasks or retail displays or whatever other business related concerns that needs your attention.

Maintain the Aesthetics workplace

Your office or store is a reflection of your business. Having an organized place builds trust that your company is organized and well taken cared of. If you care about the cleanliness of your business, it will most likely attract more clients and continue to have healthy employees as well.

Don't you like to impress your visitors, clients and potential business partners when they come by? Having a clean establishment promotes mental and physical health as well. It's our pride to make our clients’ workplace at it's best and with a personal touch.

increase productivity of business

A fresh, clean and dust free workplace will make your employees happier. The fragrant and clean air feel healthier to breathe. While many of the business owners understand that healthy workplace is important, only a few would consider this an important factor in keeping a productive business. Less employees getting sick, the more productive the work environment becomes. Studies shown that contaminated indoor air results to a significant decrease in productivity. It is said that a dirty, unhealthy indoor air diminishes human cognitive function. 

Do you dream of a team of efficient, go-getter, resourceful and productive employees? Help them inhale clean air. A scheduled service is also better and will surely leave your office clean, fragrant and fresh.

LESS SPREAD OF DISEASES and viruses in the workplace

Many businesses would struggle when an employee gets sick and have it passed on to another employee. With this, production slows down, sales go down, profits are affected. Hiring a professional cleaning service frequently can help avoid this. A thorough clean can greatly help achieve a fresh and virus-free environment. You may do this cleaning once a week, bi-weekly, every three weeks or monthly. All shared areas like the bathroom, pantry, conference rooms, toilets and bathroom should all be disinfected and kept all surfaces wiped properly avoids the spread of virus and bacteria. Give your employees the benefit to work in a germ-free workplace. Good health that comes from a clean work space is a priceless work benefit.

Convenient scheduling system

Have a hassle free appointment scheduling through your online Sparkly Maid account. You can modify the dates and time of your appointment, check availability, reschedule, change service types, place an additional service according to your needs or add on notes on what our cleaners need to focus on or special instructions for your every booking. You can save your time on making a call and focus on your work or leisure time without any troubles.

No Uninvited Visitors

Keep in mind that no pests or insects would like to inhibit in a clean space. And we know what pests and insects could bring to our health, right? Not only does it bring diseases but it also ruin your paper works, mess up and contaminate food or ruin your products and affect inventory and sales. Keeping your establishment clean and healthy lessens the risk of health problems for you, your clients and employees. Healthy employees would also mean less absenteeism and more productivity for the company. A scheduled cleaning is highly suggested since it’s always best to prevent these kind of circumstances. Don’t put your health at risk, maintain a clean commercial establishment now!

Cleaning Services Palatine

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our commercial cleaning services

Commercial Cleaning Services Palatine understands the importance of keeping the business clean, safe and healthy to create a positive impression to those who enter the business establishment whether they are potential clients, existing clients, your employees or potential business partners. Your office is the face of the company and therefore it should always be maintained to the highest cleaning standards.

general office

Commercial Cleaning Services Palatine will make sure to keep any office space healthy, clean and sparkling not only for the client’s impression but as well as the well-being of its employees as well. A great-looking office space will always be appealing for clients and will create a good and lasting impression as well. A well-kept office space will benefit a company’s image but also keep the employees productive and taken cared of. Let your employees enjoy coming into a clean and fresh environment at work. Lessen their stress from the workload by keeping a happy and healthy workplace for them.

Office Cleaning Palatine
Kitchen Cleaning Showroom Cleaning

real estate property showrooms

We offer cleaning to showrooms like for condos and apartments. To kitchen to bedroom showrooms. Having a clean showroom will make the client impressed and it will boost sales for the business. Increase the aesthetic appearance the property you are selling. Who would want to purchase a property that looks dirty. When you showcase something, of course you would show the best. Our team can absolutely help you create a sale by keeping your showrooms clean and well maintained.

retail stores

Floors and windows are the two major concern for any retail store. Floors usually get extremely dirty especially during a sale or peak season. It is the busiest part of the retail store since people walk in all corners of the store trying to find what they like to purchase. That is why our cleaners understand that this part of the store should never be neglected and that it must be a priority. Windows, on the other hand, is also important to be cleaned because people who are window shopping could see right through the glass windows and it would determine if they would like to enter the store. Clean window creates a potential sale for retail store.

Retail Store Cleaning Commercial Cleaning


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