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Sparkly Maid is a Trusted Professional Maid Services in Chicago and Chicago's nearby suburbs. We have been in the business, providing green and Eco-friendly services for a long time.


Our services started as a residential home cleaning service. We previously provide our services to homeowners, tenants, landlords, and lessors/lessee by offering a helping hand to clean their place or premises.

We are aware that because of rapid changes in our environment or economy, men and women make a great effort to achieve a better life. Some are working longer hours, while others get a second job to fulfill a life that is more advantageous. Despite having a secure economic-life, some of the daily responsibilities and the ability to enjoy the true meaning of life were disregard intentionally or unintentionally.

A home is more than just space. It is a place we create memories, relax, and be relieved from work stress. It gives more than what you expected for it.



The Benefits of Hiring A Maid Service & Having A Clean Home


Here are some facts and advantages of having a cleaning maid:

✵ Time to complete your principal responsibilities.
✵ Complete and thoroughly cleaned home.
✵ Ability to have extra time to enjoy life or travel.
✵ A home that is always ready for unexpected guests.
✵ Reduce and diminish stress and fatigue caused by clutter, dust, grime in your living space.
✵ Reduce diseases or illness as it decreases the accumulation of pests and bacteria.
✵ Improves safety for you and your family members.
✵ Peace of mind and helps you focus.



The Difference Between Housekeeper or Maid and House Cleaner


The category or description of Maid, Housekeeper, and House Cleaner/Cleaning Service may differ in several aspects. Such as the development of words to a more complex form or vice versa. Some based it on the countries that they are at or the word origin to know further details about the word. Though housekeeper, maid, and cleaning service are generally about cleaning. There are some aspects that differentiate them from each other.

provides its assistance depending on the contract that you and your helper agreed upon. Their knowledge when it comes to cleaning is a bit detailed than housekeeping. They provide almost every needed task to complete the service, and their work can be repetitive in order to maintain a clean home. Also, this is an agreement between the family and the maid, if she/he is going to be a full-time employee, or can work within a specific timeframe.

Hiring a maid can be more expensive than hiring a housekeeper or a house cleaner. Why? As you will need to pay for their own Social Security, buying your cleaning equipment, and cleaning products.

On the other hand, Housekeeper is somewhat similar to the Maid, especially the expenses. The difference between the two would be the frequency of providing the service and the tasks. The tasks given to them are a little bit lighter than the Maid. There are some duties that a maid can provide that can not be performed by a housekeeper. And those are thorough cleaning service, window washing, cleaning human or animal waste, and so forth. Some of the housekeepers do not provide the said service because of security and financial reasons.

Let us go to House Cleaner. What is a house cleaner? A house cleaner or a cleaning service provides its services to residential homeowners, tenants, and so forth, just like Sparkly Maid. A house cleaner brings its own tools to complete the cleaning duties that the customer booked or invoiced. In addition, a cleaning service can be booked hourly, weekly, bi-weekly, thrice-a-week, or monthly, depending on the customer's necessities. It is also a cheaper version of the two, The Housekeeper and The Maid, as you only hire them according to what they have performed. Sparkly Maid is a combination of Maid Service and Housekeeper, with a less stress, affordable, and thorough-complete service.

So, where is Sparkly Maid's Maid Service? What are the services that you provide? Are there any restrictions when you hire a Maid Service?


Regular Housekeeping

We mentioned that our Maid Service is similar to Housekeeping and Cleaning Service, with this, we provide regular housekeeping which we call, Standard Cleaning. Standard Cleaning is a program or package of several maid and housekeeper duties at a fixed price. It includes:

➣ Sweeping, mopping or vacuuming of the floors, washing the sinks, toilets, and counter-tops.
➣ Disinfects sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and countertops.
➣ Clean shower areas, bathroom floors, exterior cabinets, drawers.
➣ Clean the top of the stove, floors, exterior cabinets, drawers, dishwasher, fridge, and oven.

➣ Load dishes to the dishwasher
➣ Clean the interior and exterior of your microwave
➣ Clean accessible surfaces such as tabletops.
➣ Change bed linens
(if requested)
➣ Bedmaking: Arranging your beddings to prepare it for use.
➣ Vacuum carpets and rugs
➣ Emptying Trash Bins
➣Taking out trash.

Standard Maid Service

Thorough Cleaning

A thorough cleaning is what we called Deep Cleaning Service. There are two types of Deep Cleaning Service; first, is the thorough scrubbing of your kitchen and bathroom area. This service is to eliminate the accumulation of bacteria and remove visible stains to maintain the freshness of the rooms. The second type of deep cleaning that we have is what we called Super Deep Cleaning. It is a service where we thoroughly clean your home. The service is advisable for homes that have pets, first time to book a cleaning service, or for homes that were not visited by a cleaner for a long time and needs additional attention.

Carpet Cleaning

We have regular and thorough carpet cleaning. Thorough carpet cleaning is an additional service that you may include to your invoice. In-depth cleaning your carpets helps delay the deterioration and halt magnetizing more dirt and spots. It also helps your home to have better indoor air quality and eliminates dust mites, allergens, and bacteria build-up. Lastly, it will give your home an attractive and appealing appearance for your guest but most especially for home members.

Other Additional Services

We provide several additional services for you to choose what services are necessary to your needs and will fit into your budget. Additional service gives you freedom and flexibility without spending too much.

➣ Inside Fridge & Freezer
➣ Inside the Oven
➣ Inside Cabinets & Drawers
➣ Inside Washer & Dryer
➣ Window Washing (Interior or Exterior)
➣ Inside Closet
➣ Baseboards
➣ Doors

➣ Dishes
➣ Blinds

➣ Garage Cleaning
➣ Pressure Washing
➣ Basement Cleaning
➣ Gutter Cleaning

Bundle Services

It is a group of services that are classified stated in the task needed. We highly recommend informing us what needs to be done to apply the appropriate service in your invoice. It consist of standard cleaning and additional services.

➣ Post-Construction Service
➣ Move-In/Out Service
➣ End-Of-Lease Service

➣ Post-Renovation Service
➣ Rental CleanUp Service
➣ Turnover Cleaning Service


For security purposes, we have several guidelines when it comes to cleaning and offering our services. Here are some tasks or services that they do not carry out tasks because of high-risk:


■ Moving heavy items
■ Outdoor work (that are not specified in our Service Lists)
■ Steam carpet cleaning
■ Removing of bodily fluids
■ Removal of infestation or molds
■ Wet-wiping light bulbs
■ Areas that are above the reach of a 3-foot step ladder.


Trusted Maid Service

In Chicago & Chicago’s Suburbs.