Palatine Move Out cleaning services in 3 quick steps

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1. Book

Schedule your move out cleaning appointment with us online by selecting the date and time you'd like your cleaning professional to show up. 

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2. Clean

A professional cleaner shows up on time to clean your home, and you are charged only after your move out cleaning service. If you have any questions, we're just a call away. 

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3. Relax

Sit back and relax. Our move out cleaning is very comprehensive, and sure to get your deposit back. Enjoy your Sparkly clean home! 

book a Palatine Move Out cleaning today!

✓ Same cleaner you know and love every time

✓ Professionally trained

✓ Bonded and Insured

✓ Nationaly background checked

✓ Bring all supplies

✓ Highly reviewed by hundreds before you

✓ Fully customizable Move Out Cleaning Service

Chicago Maid Service


Bedrooms, Living Rooms, and Common Areas Cleaning List


  • Clean accessible surfaces of dust & debris: TVs, tables, countertops, paintings, dressers, chairs, night stands, bookcases, armoires etc
  • Wipe countertops & cabinet exteriors
  • Take out trash & recycling bin
  • Vacuum and Swiffer floors
  • Clean Light Switches
  • Clean Door Handles
  • Clean interior and exterior of doors
  • Clean and detail your baseboards


  • Make the bed & change bed linens (when left on top of bed)
  • Dust furniture & decorations
  • Clean glass table tops
  • Empty all trash cans
  • Vacuum all carpets, small rugs, & stairs
Bedroom Cleaning Area
Kitchen Cleaning Area


  • Wipe down appliance exteriors
  • Clean inside microwave
  • Clean stovetop 
  • Scrub and clean sinks
  • Dust & wipe cupboard and drawer doors
  • Empty trash can & recycling bin
  • Dust & wipe laundry area


  • Scrub and clean sinks
  • Wipe exterior bathroom cabinets
  • Clean mirrors
  • Scrub and clean toilets
  • Scrub and clean bathtubs
  • Scrub and clean showers & shower doors
  • Empty trash can(s)
  • Vacuum bathroom floors and rugs
  • Mop bathroom floors
  • Dust/wipe doors
Bath and Tub Spaces


Nicole B Maid and House Cleaning Service Review For Chicago
Fantastic!!! I have had so much trouble finding a good cleaning service or independent maid to help us with cleaning our home. I was beginning to second guess myself and wondered if my expectations were too high. Sparkly Maid did a thorough and amazing job. I highly recommend them for your house cleaning needs.
— Nicole Brooks. Palatine, Illinois ★★★★★
Jennifer S Maid and House Cleaning Service Review From Arlington Heights
Friendly, detailed, and on time. I liked that they checked with me after they finished cleaning to see if everything was done to my satisfaction - it was! I highly recommend them for apartment cleaning services.
— Jennifer S. Palatine, Illinois ★★★★★
Tony B Maid and House Cleaning Review From Evanston
Great cleaning service with a smile, consistent, attentive to details, arrived on time, and at a fair price. This house cleaning service gets it!
— Tony B. Palatine, Illinois ★★★★★
Ashley M Maid and House Cleaning Service Review From Chicago
Superb! I am close to moving into my new house and really needed a full service cleaning to give my husband and I a fresh start. Two determined women came over and left my house spotless! I am so grateful to Sparkly Maid and their cleaning service. I will be recommending them to everyone I meet!
— Ashley M. Palatine, Illinois ★★★★★

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Palatine Move Out Cleaning SERVICEs 

3. Move-In Cleaning Service

4. Move-Out Cleaning Service

5. Post-Construction Cleaning

6. Post-Renovations Cleaning

7. Post-Painting Cleanup Services

8. Home Organization Services

1. Regular Cleaning

  • Apartment Cleaning Service
  • Condo Cleaning Service
  • Studio Cleaning Service
  • Townhouse Cleaning Service
  • Bungalow House Cleaning Service
  • Ranch Home Cleaning Service

2. Deep Cleaning Service

5 Tips For Your Move Out Cleaning Service

  1. Begin Packing As Early As Possible: The peace of mind that preparation and advanced planning brings cannot be overstated. Furthermore, it'll also save you money come your service quotes from move in or move out companies.
  2. Stay Organized: Be systematic when packing to save you time and money during your moving day. Appropriately label your boxes, so when the movers come, they can effectively and efficiently perform your move out. Your cleaners will also appreciate your tidyness as they'll be able to move and clean without impediments.
  3. Ask For Help: This is important to ensure you can get your moving finished in one day. There are a myriad of services designed and built to relieve the stress during your move in our move out day. It is especially important to hire a reputable move out cleaning service to ensure you receive your security deposit
  4. Pack Snacks! Even after hiring all the help you can get, you will be moving in, moving out, and especially moving about from place to place. Therefore, be sure to replenish and rehydrate.
  5. Cancel Cable, Newspapers, Cleaning Service, Lawn Services, and Internet: You'll be so busy in the days leading up to your move out, that you won't even notice these life essentials missing.


Your happy home awaits.